About Us

For 35 years, our CEO, Steve “Pappy” Papenfuhs has focused on training and promoting the most effective technologies in the field of Officer Safety, Survival, and Tactics. In 2010, after 29 years of service, Pappy retired as a sergeant from the San Jose, California police department where he moved from Patrol to FTO to Detectives to Special Operations and Training.

Steve "Pappy" Papenfuhs: CEO

For 29 years I walked in the same shoes as many of you. In 2010 I retired as a Sergeant from the San Jose, CA. Police Department.

My drive has always been to find ways to make officers safer. My career focus has been studying, implementing and training Officer Safety, Survival, and Tactics; and my studies continue since there is always more to learn.

My mission is the safety-critical aspect of your job; and I continue to provide training for academy recruits and in-service officers. My passion to make our first responders safer led to the birth of Battalion Defense.

I am a problem solver and solution provider. Don’t look for a sales pitch from me because I am not a career salesman. Don’t be surprised if I refer you to a “competitor” of mine if I determine they have a better solution for you. Because I care about your mission readiness, I pledge to you that if I cannot help you directly I will do my best to find someone who can.

I look forward to linking up with my brothers and sisters in or out of uniform, at home or abroad, helping you to prepare for that mission at home or on foreign lands, that call for service - that day when the threat comes to you and it is your life in the balance. It is coming. We all know it is imminent. Battalion Defense exists to help you prepare for and win the biggest test of your life.

To Supply Law Enforcement Officers, Emergency Medical Personnel and Military Operators with the best Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) aka Officer Safety and Protective Technologies (OSPT) on the market. We work with individuals and organizations to support their selection of the Armor Plates and Plate Carriers and other equipment needed for their protection during active shooter events.

"Your safety is our mission!" - Pappy