I would like to sincerely thank Pappy and Battalion Defense for hooking me up with the armor I needed for my upcoming class. I procrastinated and waited almost too long, and Pappy gladly came through and my stuff arrived today. Pappy is one of the most gracious people I've ever had the pleasure to speak to, and he moved very quickly to compensate for my tardiness. You have a customer for life sir. Many thanks.

--- Daniel Easterday

Sergeant Pappy is an outstanding tactical trainer whose gear and training will provide you the opportunity to be a stellar performer, just follow his lead!

--- Steve Cushing - President/CEO - South Bay Regional 'The Academy'

When officers at my agency received a credible threat from known gang members, a number of officers wanted to individually purchase tactical armor. Having worked with Pappy in the past, I immediately called him. Pappy quickly put together a very affordable armor package which was delivered very promptly. We could not have been happier with the service he provided.

--- Eric Tavarez - ESU Officer and Former United States Marine

Pappy has unparalleled passion and enthusiasm, which is infectious. He has in-depth knowledge from years of research and experience, and he uses this to assist his fellow officers and first responders.

--- Dave Storton - Founder of 'The Driving Company' and 'Teach Your Teen Driving' program

There are few in this world who are as tactically squared away as Steve Papenfuhs. The top-tier gear he provides the armed professional reflects his mission-first mind-set of getting the job done and coming home alive. Having known and trusted this man for more than twenty years, Pappy is a man whose integrity is uncompromising: if Pappy says something will happen, it will happen. Full stop. You can trust your business to Battalion Defense and your life with the gear Pappy provides.

--- George T. Williams - Cutting Edge Training