Ops-Core ACH-ARC Rails Kit

Striker Helmet Accessories are fully scalable for special operators from military and law enforcement looking for a system that can be interchangeable during deployment operations. Designed to fit our Striker ACH/MICH level IIIA ballistic helmets, all of our accessory helmet solutions are 100% made in the USA and offer advanced protection and scalability for advanced operations requirements.


  • Ops-Core ACH-ARC Rail System
  • (1) Left Rail and (1) Right Rail
  • (4) 22mm screws and (4) T-nuts
  • (2) Picatinny adapters & (2) Wing-Loc adapters
  • Optional Bungee attachment: (2) Bungees
  • Quickly attach or release a variety of accessories including: Flashlight, Camera, Visor, COMMs, Goggle, Mandible, Battery Pack, O2 Mask
  • Strongest, lowest profile accessory mounting solution for helmets
  • Improved lower profile version of the 2007 design with added features for the attachment of accessories
  • Includes lower dove-tail slot for support of O2 mask, goggle, and illuminator devices
  • Provides instant donning and doffing of mandible and face protection solutions for the ACH
  • Compatible with a Single Strap O2 Kit as well as Double Strap O2 Kit
  • Snag free for HALO, HAHO and static line
  • Uses existing chinstrap mounting holes and is compatible with MSA and Ops-Core chinstraps
  • Available with or without bungees


  • Fits most ACH/MICH 2000 style helmets in size Large
  • Fits some ACH/MICH 2000 style helmets in size Medium
  • Does not fit any ACH/MICH helmets in sizes Extra Large or Small
  • Does not fit MICH 2001 (high ear cut) helmet

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